MWC 14 Barcelona Wrap up : Quotable Quotes !!

Presentation1Finally the MWC14 is finished and all 85000 of us participants are back home , tired but reflective about the Congress. All kudos to the GSMA for organising this mammoth event with flawless precision : a Herculean labour indeed . And the city of Barcelona for being such gracious smiling hosts.

For me event was all about a brave new world forming , morphing. Its about 4G LTE connectivity becoming the Gold standard which will render cars into the “the new device”. Algorithms analyze in real time and enable the intelligence infrastructure to make autonomous decisions. Everything is going to be in the cloud as much as it is about the Internet of things ( IoT ) . Beeping sensors and software connecting humanity into a living breathing Web of real and virtual worlds. It will be about those who will create the future separating the winners and losers in the mobile industry.

SO HERE IS MY CHOICE OF THE BEST OF THE BEST quotes that captures the spirit and content of the Congress !!

“Everything that can be digitized will be digitized. Everything that can be connected will be connected. Bridging the infrastructure and ecosystem to digitization is a mega trend we see in the second phase of the Internet “

( Tim Hottages , CEO Deutche Telecom )

“The industry focus in the coming years will be on personal data, connected living, digital commerce and networks. To realise the necessary developments in these areas, “huge investments of $1.7 trillion need to be done from now until 2020”,

( Jon Fredrik Baksaas,CEO of Telenor and chairman of the GSMA )

“Everybody worries about being a dumb pipe, and whether revenues will be able to support network investment that we need to make.Any other industry would be excited and highly optimistic given the strong demand in growth for their core services. However, the big problem we have as an industry is we have been unable to monetise this increased demand “

( Chua Sock Koong , group CEO at SingTel )

“Communication networks are facing a lack of scalable and sustainable architecture to meet the challenges ahead in terms of data traffic increases, video uploads and downloads, and enhanced M2M communication. The network of the future has to be highly elastic in order to facilitate the adding or dropping of capacity and real-time provisioning of service. It needs to be highly orchestrated by key business imperatives, such as customer satisfaction, and it must be highly integrated so that synergies are fully embedded and captured across fixed and mobile, across borders and across segments.”

( Bruno Jacobfeuerborn Deutsche Telekom CTO )

“We have a very precise directive to establish asymmetric regulation where a company holds more than 50 per cent market share.This concentration of telecoms services to a few operators has resulted in uncompetitive pricing and obstructed new entrants. 70 million Mexicans have no access to broadband, while those that are connected experience low data speeds and poor quality. We need to leapfrog this situation.”

( Mexico Regulatory commissioner Adriana Labardini )

“Why are the next two billion not on the internet?. The reason is not because they don’t have any money, it’s because they don’t know the value of having a data plan or the services they can access.”

( Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook)

Regions around the world have always had initiatives regarding new technology, and it’s important that you start early with R&D to stay in the forefront. For example, we first commenced work on 4G/LTE in 2000, and understand the need to invest in the research of 5G.”

( Ericsson’s CEO Hans Vestberg )

“It’s a market. One billion people in the world are disabled in some form or another,”

( Mike Short, VP of Telefonica Europe)

“To change the vicious circle to a virtuous one, we’re going to need more cooperation than there has been in the past. Then we’re probably going to get to a win, win, win solution, as opposed to when you used to have people duking it out [as to who ‘owns’ the customer] in the past.There’s greater value in cooperating than just competing. Developers cando this too by opening up their APIs”

( Doug Webster, CMO, service provider, for Cisco )

“While big data is great, there is a lot of it out there in silos, and each data [set] speaks its own language, you need to be able to solve issues around homogenising it, then you need to solve issues around analysing the data… what we need is a ‘universal translator.We also need a better policy over who owns this data. We need to have joined up thinking about these open platforms,”

( Young Sohn, Samsung Electronics, president and CSO)

“ NFV and SDN concepts are at the core of our strategy. These help us realise our future network vision, which is a mutli-service, multi-tenant platform where we can respond more quickly and efficiently to our customers’ needs. With NFV, we’re able to dynamically reroute traffic and add capacity without adding new boxes. With SDN, we’re removing pre-defined physical limits of the network by shifting control from hardware to software. These allow the network to become simpler, more scalable. They also allow us to reduce costs significantly and more quickly address customer needs “

( John Donovan, Senior VP– Technology and Network Operations, AT&T)

“Not everything can be automated at once and municipalities need to select carefully the value added services that will give consumers the most value for their initial offerings. Once a base is established the municipality can market the platform as an opportunity for other businesses that wish to deliver value added services. “

(Jeff Edlund, CTO, CMS, Enterprise Services, HP)

“Between 15 per cent and 20 per cent of subscribers say they have poor coverage at home, and yet more than half of homes in countries like the USA and the UK have Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is an obvious choice for solving the problem.”

( Ken Kolderup, Kineto’s CMO)

“We’re attracting new vendors by offering them an alternative to a mobile ecosystem that depends on two restricted operating systems with many strings attached. Apple controls all aspects of their offering and eschews customization. Even on Android, from an OEM perspective, only one manufacturer is profiting. Many people in the industry want to see a third option become more viable, and our flexibility makes us an ideal partner.”

(Jay Sullivan, COO Mozilla)

“ Mobile connectivity hold huge potential for women – currently an untapped economic potential. The Internet is proving to be an effective catalyst in transforming gender opinions. Access to a communication network provides women with the flexibility of working both remotely and on their own terms, allowing them to build independent companies. The more we can work together to develop this offering, the greater opportunities we can build for the region’s women as a whole”

(Dr Nasser Marafih, Group CEO, Ooredoo )

“ The impact of MNP in developing markets is linked to two factors: the time taken to port numbers and the fee charged to the subscriber to use the facility. The porting time after submission of request varies from as long as two weeks in some countries to just a few minutes in others. In Ghana, for example, 92% of porting requests are completed within 5 minutes. By contrast, in Kenya, it is cheaper to buy a new SIM than to port from one operator to another. The Kenyan regulator attributes low uptake of the service to “the lowering tariff differentials between operators and the convenience brought about by dual SIM card mobile handsets.

( Akanksha Sharma, Analyst, GSMA Intelligence)

“Our customers trust us, so our responsibility of how we manage this private information will become higher. Operators will have to become involved in defining how this sort of data is used, while protecting the privacy of the individual.”

( Kaoru Kato, Docomo’s president and CEO )

“Operators are] shrinking in relevance too fast. Many partnerships (with content and internet players) have been for loyalty, not for revenue streams. We need to find different ways of charging our customers rather than complain “

(Johan Dennelind TeliaSonera CEO )

“We will look back on this time and look at data as a natural resource that powered the 21st century,”

(IBM CEO Ginni Rometty)

Now let me tell you the best stop of my visit to MWC14 🙂

El Celler de Can Roca in Girona ( near Barcelona ) :This restaurant has propelled Catalan cuisine on the World’s Best Restaurants list. Dinners start off with caramelized olives, which come to the table on bonsai trees; after that, candied olives stuffed with anchovy are served on a miniature olive tree, then crispy shrimp followed by zucchini omelette and vermouth candy, then summer-truffle bonbon and brioche. Finish these nibbles, and we were ready for the actual meal …yumm…need i say more… ps: the waiting list for this place is one year so you better book now to coincide with MWC15

Sadiq Malik ( Telco Strategist )


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