Sadiq Malik is Principal Consultant at Broadband Gurus Network which provides a portfolio of consultancy services to address the ongoing business challenges faced by organisations throughout the telecoms value chain.

Sadiq believes new technologies are creating a continuous cycle of innovation and disruption in the digital age. These include 5G , artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotic process automation, big data analytics, cloud computing, asset-sharing digital marketplaces, Blockchain and IoT etc . The transformational impact of digital technologies governs how telecom companies try to monetize their infrastructure investments and evolve their asset portfolios and business models.

At Informa Telecoms Media’s Middle East & Africa region Sadiq spearheaded the design and delivery of consultancy packages to help telcos and CSPs succeed in a fast evolving market landscape with alternative business models.

At BCT Global, Sadiq led the formation of the telco services division where he secured contracts concerning a range of innovative services in the broadband arena.As strategic projects consultant for Motorola, he initiated projects with a long-term impact on the company’s intellectual and brand competitiveness such as the establishment of Africa’s first cellular training centre.

Sadiq has managed several key projects for Telcos / CSP’s including: LTE Business Planning; Fixed Mobile Operator Consolidation assessment; monetising VAS strategic and Smart Cities (technical and commercial planning), Mobile Payments rollout strategy and Digital Transformation for Telcos. ( Full list of Projects available on request )

Sadiq is speaker at Telco conferences and conducts CxO workshops for CSP’s in Malaysia , Dubai, Singapore , London , Hong Kong , New York , Amsterdam ,   Johanesburg and Dusseldorf .Some of the workshop themes : Telco  MBA in a Nutshell , Convergent Billing , 4G LTE business case and rollout strategies , architecting Digital Telco business models , CxM foe Telcos , 5g Era preps , Telecoms Finance, SDN/NFV , Blockchain for Telcos and IoT bootcamps.

For nearly 10 years Sadiq has worked with clients in the tech, media, and telecom industry to shape and execute options for business growth, performance improvement and risk mitigation. Sadiq is passionate about technology , client service and life-long learning.

In the last 5 years he has trained over 1000 managers from the Telco industry in MEA and Far East. Sadiq is also author of 5 books on Telco Strategy. Telco Global Connect Vol 1,2,3,4,5 are available on Amazon.



email : maliksadiq13@gmail.com
skype : sadiqmalik1


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